Cryptic Masonry Video Presentation

Our video presentation this month is “Cryptic Masonry: The Philosophical Rite and the Keys to the Past and Future of Freemasonry” presented by John A. Bridegroom. Most Ill. Comp. Bridegroom is a Past Grand Master of Cryptic Masons in Indiana and is the proprietor of Masonic jewelry and regalia manufacturer and supplier The Masters Craft.

Understanding the underlying messages of the Cryptic Degrees is vital to the future of this rich and philosophical Rite. By taking a closer look at the meaning of the Allegory presented, and discovering the connections this curious Rite has to the ancient history of Freemasonry, we can get a much fuller understanding of the purpose of our Fraternity as a whole.

The importance of the Cryptic Rite to the system of Freemasonry and to the student of the esoteric aspects of the Craft cannot be overstated. By examining these beautiful degrees, which have endured for centuries, we can unlock the keys to Masonic teachings which stretch from the Craft Degrees, through the Degrees of the Royal Arch Chapter, and reach fruition in the Cryptic Rite.

The Cryptic Rite is the Philosophical Rite of Freemasonry, and within its secret vault beats the heart of the esoteric path before all Freemasons.