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Below are links to even more information about this month’s topic.

The Banners of Royal Arch Masonry (from Traveling Templar)

Royal Arch Banners (part 1) (from Grand Chapter of Texas)

Royal Arch Banners (part 2) (from Grand Chapter of Texas)

The Banners of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem (from Provincial Grand Chapter of Suffolk)

Introduction to the Banners (from Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire)

The Four Masonic Elements (from Knight Templar magazine)

The Encampment of Israel (from Bible History)

Ezekiel’s prophetic vision and the rebuilding of the Temple (from David Harrison)

Wikipedia entry on “Tetramorph

Wikipedia entry on “The Four Evangelists

Wikipedia entry on “The Classical Elements

And remember the words of our beloved Brother Benjamin Franklin:

If it’s on the internet, it has to be true!