What’s New in December?

This is the eleventh e-newsletter published by the Committees on Education of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Oklahoma. We continue our format as in our first ten issues.

Each month we will be exploring a topic which we hope will be of interest to Royal Arch and Cryptic Masons. We will begin each issue with an outline of an educational presentation appropriate for a Chapter or Council stated meeting.

This will be followed by monitorial and encyclopedic instruction complementing the meeting lesson, which members may peruse at their leisure. Also included in each issue will be additional articles, videos, and links to even more information about that month’s topic.

For our eleventh issue, we have chosen to explore the experience of Moses at the Burning Bush and the Rite of Discalceation. For our suggested educational presentation, we have chosen a lesson on that portion of the Royal Arch degree that involves the “Burning Bush.” And we have turned to Sheville & Gould for our monitorial instruction and Albert Mackey for our symbolic instruction.

We continue our exploration with a Short Talk Bulletin from 1933 entitled “The Rite of Discalceation” and a video presentation “Sacred Secrets: Freemasonry, the Bible, and the Christian Faith” presented by Bro. Mike Neville. And we conclude with links to even more information about this month’s topic.

So that’s it for our eleventh issue. We hope that it is enough to maintain your interest for the month. For our next issue in January, we will again explore one of the Council degrees. We will return to the Chapter degrees in February.