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Below are links to even more information about this month’s topic.

A Deserving Brother: George Washington and Freemasonry (from The Masonic Roundtable)

Washington and Freemasonry (from Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22)

Masters & Past Masters: The Real Role of These Worshipful Men (by Robert G. Davis)

What Is A Past Master Mason? (from Freemasons Community)

The Past Master Symbol (from My Freemasonry)

The Meaning and History of the Jewels and Symbols of a Past Master (from Phoenix Masonry)

George Washington’s Worshipful Master Jewel (from Phoenix Masonry)

George Washington’s Trowel (from Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22)

Early Hand Carved Worshipful Masters Chair (from Phoenix Masonry)

Irish Past Master Jewels (from Phoenix Masonry)

Victorian Masonic Past Masters Jewel (from Phoenix Masonry)

Past Master’s Jewel (from Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library)

And remember the words of our beloved Brother Benjamin Franklin:

If it’s on the internet, it has to be true!