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Below are links to even more information about this month’s topic.

The Royal Arch or Sacred Vault Tradition in Freemasonry  (from Grand Council of Oklahoma)

The Royal Arch Story and the Crypt, or Vault, Legend (from Province of Essex)

The Cryptic Legend (from An Outsiders View of Freemasonry)

Legends of the Royal Arch (from Provincal Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire)

Preserving the Word (from Grand Council of Texas)

Speculations on the Circle and the Square (from Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon)

What Does Squaring the Circle Mean? (from Learn Religions)

Squaring the Circle Symbolism in Alchemy and Geometry (from WikiReligions)

Secret Vault (from Masonic Wikidot)

And remember the words of our beloved Brother Benjamin Franklin:

If it’s on the internet, it has to be true!