The Circle of Perfection

As a bit of background recall that, in 2018, the Committee on Education of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Oklahoma developed twenty-four Lessons on Cryptic Masonry, in an effort to foster more opportunities for educational presentations during Council meetings. Each of these twenty-four lessons outlines a self-contained educational presentation. The material for these lessons is drawn from two readily available sources:

THE COURSE — The Cryptic Masonry Education Course, which was published in 2017 by the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, International.

THE RITUAL — The Ritual of the Grand Council C.M. of Oklahoma, as adopted in 1954, with subsequent amendments.

Every other month we will suggest one of these lessons that a Illustrious Master may use, if he so desires, as an educational presentation in his Council meeting.

This month’s suggested lesson for Council meetings is “Select Master Lesson #7,” which is found on p. 20 of the Lessons on Cryptic Masonry.

Outline of the Lesson:

(i) Read the section on “The Circle of Perfection” found on pp. 65-67 of THE COURSE.

Discussion Questions:

(i) Answer question 8 on p. 73 of THE COURSE.

(ii) Discuss question 4 on p. 75 of THE COURSE.

(iii) Discuss why it is possible to think about the Circle of Perfection representing both a movement in time and a movement toward enlightenment. Discuss some aspects of life in which the passing of time can lead to perfection.

(iv) If possible, have a Companion demonstrate, or explain, how the operative masons squared a circle. Discuss the meaning of “squaring the circle” in Craft Masonry and what it symbolically represents in the path to Masonic Light. Why are we constrained to erecting a perfect ashlar representing our life, rather than a circle, which more closely represents the form and structure of the universe?

(v) If perfection is not attainable, for what does a Select Master strive?

These questions are only meant to begin the discussion and to hopefully spark further discussion and interest in the chosen topic.